Somnuri - Desiderium Yellow LP

Somnuri - Desiderium Yellow LP

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Somnuri - Desiderium
Yellow Vinyl

1) Death Is The Beginning
2) Paramnesia
3) Pale Eyes
4) What A Way To Go
5) Hollow Visions
6) Flesh & Blood
7) Desiderium
8) Remnants
9) The Way Out

Front to back, the abundant ideas and soundscapes turn Desiderium into a prism of sound. Every song is an amalgamation of what makes rock kinetic, bridging a gap between acts like Helmet, Karp, Handsome, and Quicksand with the sonic journeys of an Isis or Jesu. It’s this thirst for exploration that makes Somnuri who they are: they’re an ascendant band, not constrained by any label or descriptor.

-Officially licensed merchandise from Somnuri


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