pride & glory - "Self-Titled" Black Vinyl LP

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pride & glory 180g 12" Double LP on Black Vinyl. 

Limited pressing of 600. Only available through eOne Heavy. 

pride & glory is Zakk Wylde's first self-fronted album. It has more of a Southern rock sound than Zakk Wylde's other albums incorporating the likes of banjo, harmonica, and mandolin.

Upon its release, their one and only album was seen as an almost complete departure from the music Zakk was known for with Ozzy, but the album's dominant Southern rock sound proved to remain a prevalent influence on Zakk's own music up to and including the debut Black Label Society album Sonic Brew. Zakk's songwriting skills come to the forefront on the album; there is a great deal of variety and the songs themselves are very dynamic, with a very loose jam-band feel to a number of them, namely "Shine On" and "Toe'n the Line."