Crowbar - Sever The Wicked Hand 10th Anniversary Black Vinyl

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Crowbar - Sever The Wicked Limited Edition Black Vinyl. 

10th Anniversary repress of a classic. Pressed on 12" 140g black vinyl. Limited to 500 copies. Only available through eOne Heavy. 

1) Isolation (Desperation) 
2) Sever The Wicked Hand
3) Liquid Sky And Cold Black Earth 
4) Let Me Mourn 
5) The Cemetery Angels 
6) As I Become One 
7) A Farewell To Misery 
8) Protectors Of The Shrine 
9) I Only Deal In Truth 
10) Echo An Eternity 
11) Cleanse Me, Heal Me 
12) Symbiosis 

From the booming, anticipatory chords of album opener “Isolation (Desperation)” to the glacial, thundering death rattle of closer “Symbiosis,” Sever The Wicked Hand is nothing short of a triumph—both musically and personally. 

“Sever The Wicked Hand is just a metaphor for cutting anything negative out of your life. Obviously, it can be the hand that pulls the beer to your mouth, the hand that holds the straw to your nose, the hand that pops the pill in. It could be getting rid of a bad relationship, a bad friendship—anything that brings negativity to your life in any way. It’s about getting rid of that and moving forward.”