Creeping Death - The Edge of Existence Splatter Vinyl

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Creeping Death - The Edge of Existence 12" 180g Splatter LP

Pressed on ruby and grey pinwheel with black splatter vinyl. Limited to 1500 copies worldwide, only available through eOne Heavy. 

1) The Edge of Existence 
2) Relics From The Past
3) Humanity Transcends 
4) Sacrament of Death 
5) Doused In Flames 
6) Skinned Alive 

Originally hailing from Denton, Texas and now situated in the greater Dallas-Fort Worth area, “Creeping Death is on an undying ascent” (Dallas Observer). 2021’s blistering The Edge of Existence EP further demonstrates the power, fury, and outright revelry at the heart of the band’s identity. 

Produced and mixed by Ryan Bram (Gatecreeper, Bitter Rivals, Sex Prisoner), the six-song EP introduces certified hellraisers “Relics from the Past,” “Humanity Transcends,” and the title track. The new bangers sit alongside remade and revitalized versions of the three songs from their initial EP: “Sacrament of Death,” “Doused in Flames,” and “Skinned Alive.” Each track benefits from the current lineup’s chemistry, Bram’s recording skill, and the group’s merrymaking metal attitude.  

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Due to extreme vinyl manufacturing delays, The Edge of Existence vinyl is anticipated to ship in early spring.