Creeping Death - "Specter Of War" Red w/Blue Starburst Vinyl

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Creeping Death - Specter Of War
Blue/Red Starburst Vinyl LP

180g 12" LP Pressed on red and blue starburst vinyl. 

1) Revenge 
2) Specter of War 
3) Trail of Confusion
4) Salvation 
5) New Agony 

Denton, TX death metal unit Creeping Death have been creating buzz since they dropped their first demo in 2015, the year the band formed. Their reputation was bolstered by a subsequent pair of loud and laudable EPs, making them one of the more talked-about bands in the underground. Now, they're ready to unleash their debut full-length, Wretched Illusions, a warcry of old school death metal.

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