Conditions - Full of War Color in Color Vinyl

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Conditions - Full of War
Color in Color Vinyl
Repress of Full of War in Single 180G in Apple and Lemonade Yellow. 

Limited to 300

1. Walking Separate Ways
2. Skeleton
3. Open Eyes
4. Best Mistake
5. Love Elusive
6. Wonderful Lie
7. Every Day Is A New Life
8. The Descent of Man
9. What We Wait For
10. Long Division
11. Not Giving Up...Not Yet

Conditions "Full Of War", is a powerful, fast-paced and, full of soaring guitar sounds. It has perfectly enunciated vocals and thoughtful, and uplifting lyricism. With featured tracks like "Walking Separate Ways," the band give insights on existential questions of identity with an encouraging and forward-looking perspective.

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