Cold Years - Goodbye To Misery CD

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Cold Years - Goodbye To Misery
Compact Disc

Release Date: April 22, 2022

1) 32
2) Britain Is Dead
3) Goodbye to Misery
4) Headstone
5) Hey Jane
6) Home
7) Never Coming Back
8) Wasting Away
9) Say Goodbye
10) Kicking and Screaming
11) Jackknife
12) Control

If you’ve ever wondered if there’s something better out there, suspected that this can’t be all that there is, or felt that you deserve more in life, Goodbye To Misery is a record that will resonate hard. You can stay where you are and grind yourself into despair, or you can go out and get what you deserve. Because the world owes you no favours.

As the incendiary spirit of the band’s new album Goodbye To Misery attests, ‘something’ might be an understatement.  

Everything has changed. This is the sound of the fight-or-flight kicking in, of deciding that enough is enough, and the trio – completed by guitarist Fin Urquhart and bassist Louis Craighead – demanding better. Most importantly, it’s them doing something about it all. The time for pissing and moaning is done. As the singer and guitarist succinctly puts it, “I’m not self-destructive or miserable anymore.”  

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