Black Crown Initiate - "Selves We Cannot Forgive" Sky Blue w. Black Swirl Vinyl

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12" 180g Gatefold Double LP. Pressed on Sky Blue w/Black Swirl Vinyl. Logo Etching on Side D. Download Card Included

Selves We Can Not Forgive, the band’s sophomore album, is a lean and focused collection that jettisons the extraneous fat found too often within ambitious metal bands, striking a balance between fearless adventurousness and methodical might. It follows their sprawling full-length debut, The Wreckage of Stars, which together with their self-financed Song of the Crippled Bull EP introduced Black Crown Initiate’s unapologetic exploration of everything from Friedrich Nietzsche and Greek Sophist Gorgias to Hinduism, Buddhism, and indigenous mysticism, with a pragmatic skepticism.