High On Fire Snakes For The Divine 2 LP

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High On Fire  Snakes For The Divine 2  LP
Snakes for the Divine - Double Black 12" Vinyl LP

1) Snakes For The Divine 
2) Frost Hammer
3) Bastard Samurai 
4) Ghost Neck
5) The Path
6) Fire Flood & Plague
7) How Dark We Pray
8) Holy Flames Of The Firespitter

In an interview, Matt Pike stated: "The title 'Snakes for the Divine' is based on the premise that Adam and Eve weren't the first people on Earth, and Adam having a wife that was a Reptilian named Lilith. They were the first two people to take the reptilian DNA and make shape-shifting human beings that go between the fourth-dimensional, the Anunnaki, and human beings. Eventually, from ancient Mesopotamia, this spawned a thing called the Illuminati - the enlightened ones - coming up through the centuries, and choosing the kings, controlling your media, controlling your banking, blah blah blah. It's just theory at most points. I thought it'd make a great metal song, so I just went ahead and started writing about that. That's how the record came about, as far as the theme.."

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