pride & glory - "Self-Titled" Color In Color Vinyl

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pride & glory - Self-Titled
Color In Color Vinyl

Pressed on 12" 180g color in color vinyl.
Limited pressing of 1,500.

1) Losin' Your Mind 
2) Horse Called War 
3) Shine On 
4) Lovin' Woman 
5) Harvester of Pain 
6) The Chosen One
7) Sweet Jesus 
8) Troubled Wine
9) Machine Gun Man 
10) Cry Me A River 
11) Toe'n the Line 
12) Found A Friend 
13) Fadin' Away 
14) Hate Your Guts 

pride & glory is Zakk Wylde's first self-fronted album. It has more of a Southern rock sound than Zakk Wylde's other albums incorporating the likes of banjo, harmonica, and mandolin.