The Callous Daoboys


The Callous Daoboys will be going on tour with '68, along with The Homeless Gospel Choir.The tour kicks off in early March and runs through April, after their European tour with Tesseract which runs until Feb 27th.

The Callous Daoboys will be opening for The Dillinger Escape Plan twice this summer, too - get your tickets soon!

The Callous Daoboys will be kicking off 2024 with a bang, touring the UK and Europe in support of TesseracT.

January 18 - Esch-Sur-Alzette, LU

January 19 - Villeurbanne, FR

January 20 - Barcelona, ES

January 21 - Madrid, ES

January 23 - Paris, FR

January 25 - Strasbourg, FR

January 26 - Antwerp, BE

January 27 - Stuttgart, DE

January 28 - Milan, IT

January 30 - Zurich, CH

February 1 - Prague, CZ

February 2 - Munich, DE

February 3 - Vienna, AT

February 4 - Budapest, HU

February 6 - Berlin, DE

February 7 - Warsaw, PL

February 9 - Tampere, FI

February 10 - Helsinki, FI

February 12 - Stockholm, SE

February 13 - Oslo, NO

February 15 - Copenhagen, DK

February 16 - Hamburg, DE

February 17 - Cologne, DE

February 18 - Utrecht, NL

February 20 - Nottingham, UK

February 21 - Birmingham, UK

February 22 - Bristol, UK

February 23 - London, UK

February 24 - Manchester, UK

February 25 - Glasgow, UK

February 27 - Dublin, IE

The Callous Daoboys have released their immense new EP, God Smiles Upon The Callous Daoboys, out now through MNRK Heavy and Modern Static Records. Following 2022’s highly praised and chaotic album Celebrity Therapist, God Smiles Upon The Callous Daoboys takes the experimental noise the band have become known for and unleashes it into their most confident and transcending body of work yet.

The EP opens on the cinematic opening violin tones of “Pushing the Pink Envelope,” which goes on to merge the band’s trademark mathy riffing with a hilarious muzak section and a Eurodancey electronic breakdown. The chorus of this one was an attempt at emulating the power-chord, four-on-the-floor catchiness of Fall Out Boy, yet the unhinged edge they bring to it is unmistakably Daoboys. “The way it came out instrumentally was this total mishmash of ambitious sounds that we had never really played around with,” vocalist Carson Pace says. Second track, lead single “Waco Jesus” wedged open a new door for their sound, crushingly heavy and infectiously melodic at once, rolling from vibrant hooks to massively creative riffs.


Then there’s the final track, “Designer Shroud of Turin” — according to Pace, “my favorite song that we’ve ever made, period.” The groove-driven song gets fired up by a rap-rock verse atop free-wheeling saxophone, courtesy of post-hardcore peers pulses., and a surprise samba section. The song is ridiculously audacious, but that’s The Callous Daoboys for you, and it leaves a lot to look forward to for the future of the band.


“I don’t think anyone’s gonna be expecting these songs and how crazy they are,” Pace says. “We’re at this point where we’re not trying to prove anything. We just wanna be ourselves and we wanna write the exact music that we would wanna hear out of this band.”