The Callous Daoboys



Preview/Purchase THE CALLOUS DAOBOYS’ Celebrity Therapist HERE.

Celebrity Therapist, the latest full-length from Atlanta, Georgia-based mathcore architects THE CALLOUS DAOBOYS, pillaged Billboard charts, earning the #6 position on the Top New Artists chart upon its first week release. Additional chart positions include:

#10 Current Hard Music Albums

#15 Current Indie Label Albums

#28 Current Rock Albums

Comments the band in a collective statement, “It’s a surreal experience to see the album that we created charting on Billboard, we were always hopeful this would happen but actually seeing it is a different experience. Thank you for an incredible first week!”

THE CALLOUS DAOBOYS features charismatic frontman Carson Pace, guitarists Maddie Caffrey and Dan Hodsdon, bassist Jackie Buckalew, drummer Sam Williamson, and violinist Amber Christman. Together the group revives noise rock like they’re summoning the dead delivering a vibrant and distinctly singular concoction of mathcore, sasscore, and post-hardcore — a sound that’s unapologetically dense and impenetrable yet confusingly inviting as each song deliriously swerves across stylistic lines.

Celebrity Therapist is out now on CD, LP, cassette, and digital formats via MNRK Heavy and Modern Static Records. Order yours today at THIS LOCATION.

View the band’s previously released videos for “A Brief Article Regarding Time Loops,” “What Is Delicious? Who Swarms?,” and “The Elephant Man In The Room,” at THE CALLOUS DAOBOYS YouTube channel HERE.

THE CALLOUS DAOBOYS are currently on tour with MNRK Heavy labelmates Rolo Tomassi. The journey, which commenced September 1st in Allston, Massachusetts, runs through September 15th in Brooklyn, New York with additional support provided by Cryptodira. See all remaining  dates below.

THE CALLOUS DAOBOYS w/ Rolo Tomassi, Cryptodira  [remaining dates]:

9/13/2022 New Brookland Tavern – West Columbia, SC
9/14/2022 Metro Gallery – Baltimore, MD
9/15/2022 The Meadows – New York City, NY

“For every skronky guitar spasm and rhythmic tongue-twist, there’s a majestically catchy chorus or a destructively heavy breakdown that actually rewards the ear with something singable or moshable. It’s not just messy and weird for the hell of it, there’s an actual purpose and intentionality to its structure, and so many sonic tidbits to sink your teeth into.” – Revolver

“Lofty comparisons like ‘Dillinger by way of Mr. Bungle’ usually do nothing but make me think one thing: ‘buuuullshit.’ But you know what? I’m eating my words today, because the song you’re about to hear off of their fourth studio effort Celebrity Therapist easily pulls from those influences, plunges what they’ve extracted into a broken centrifuge, and force feeds you the twisted concoction they’ve created. If you like metalcore but think the genre needs better hooks and a violin, then you’ve found your new band.” – MetalSucks on “The Elephant Man In The Room”

THE CALLOUS DAOBOYS make a frantic, freaked-out form of math-damaged metalcore. They recall the late-’90s insanity of The Dillinger Escape Plan and Botch, if either of those bands had ever messed around with pop melodies or employed a violin player.” – Stereogum

“With three minutes of shapeshifting metalcore that sounds even more chaotic than anything on Die On Mars, ‘A Brief Article Regarding Time Loops’ already proves that the wait has been worth it. It continues the DAOBOYS’ knack for fusing Botch/Converge-style mathcore with Every Time I Die/The Chariot-style theatrics, but even that description can’t prepare you for this beast, which also incorporates white noise, a spoken word head trip, a deathcore-ish breakdown, and a complete disregard for traditional song structure.” – BrooklynVegan

“It is innovative, unflinching, brazen, fun as hell, and completely unfazed to stand in a league all it’s own. I haven’t had a listening experience as captivating as this one in a very long time, and this record is going to be widely revered as a classic of several genres one day. It gets a perfect score. Get hip to it now before you fall behind.” – New Noise Magazine

A peak of efficacy is reached on ‘Title Track:’ a cinematic conflagration of wild, grinding intensity, treacly electronics, stuttering, Mr. Bungle-style clown metal and shimmering waves of post-rock grandeur. Somehow, it all hangs together. THE CALLOUS DAOBOYS are clever, unpredictable bastards, and this is a deeply smart and subversive piece of work.” – Blabbermouth

“…one of the most effective bands in pushing this sound to new sonic frontiers—essential listening for those who seek more thoughtful, adventurous directions in metalcore.” – Treble Album Of The Week

“…an album that possibly stands to make a permanent mark on the current heavy music landscape…it’s hard to deny how well the band pulls off the combination of sounds into something that sounds organic, fresh, and frankly, not quite like anything else currently out there. It stands as an essential listen to anyone interested in extreme music reaching outside the box.” – Lambgoat


Carson Pace – vocals
Maddie Caffrey – guitar
Jackie Buckalew – bass
Amber Christman – violin
Sam Williamson – drums
Dan Hodsdon – guitar