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IMPENDING DOOM: Veteran Deathcore Outfit Unleashes “Culture Of Death” Video; Hellbent EP Out Now

IMPENDING DOOM: Veteran Deathcore Outfit Unleashes “Culture Of Death” Video; Hellbent EP Out Now - MNRK Heavy
View IMPENDING DOOM’s “Culture Of Death” video HERE.

Veteran California deathcore outfit IMPENDING DOOM today unleashes their new video for “Culture Of Death.” The ferocious hymn comes off the band’s Hellbent EP, released late last Fall.

Comments vocalist Brook Reeves, “’Culture Of Death’ is a song about sacrificing your beliefs to become someone you’re not for people who don’t care only to feel numb in the end and the wanting to feel alive again.”

View IMPENDING DOOM’s “Culture Of Death” video at THIS LOCATION.

Hellbent is a fierce five-song blast of readily identifiable IMPENDING DOOM brutality. The EP showcases the enduring trio who formed the creative core of the band in Riverside, California: Sittig, vocalist Brook Reeves, and guitarist Manny Contreras. "Satanic Panic," "New World Horror," "Culture of Death," "I Must End," and the title track are punishingly incisive entries into the band's esteemed canon, which stretches back to their 2005 demo. As reliably as ever, the band warn of society's inevitable destructive collapse through crushing heaviness, punishing death and grindcore riffing, impossibly guttural growls, and a steadfast reverence for Christ. Recorded with engineer Joseph Calleiro at Dungeon by the Sea in Los Angeles and mixed by longtime band collaborator Will Putney (Knocked Loose, The Ghost Inside, Thy Art Is Murder), Hellbent also comes adorned with the arresting cover art of Jim Pavelec, an illustrator specializing in the occult, sci-fi, horror, and fantasy, including pieces for classic RPG Dungeons & Dragons.

Preview and purchase Hellbent today at THIS LOCATION.

View the band’s previously released video for “Satanic Panic” HERE and “New World Horror” HERE.

The Sin And Doom Of Godless Men, IMPENDING DOOM’s devastating 2005 demo, was shocking in its urgent immediacy and its unashamed outspokenness. But that demo was merely a step toward the total devastation that was their debut album, Nailed. Dead. Risen. (2007), which shook the proverbial Earth with its uncompromising vision of what they had transfigured with elements of death metal, grind, and hardcore. The series of increasingly diverse and intense releases that followed never compromised, always challenging, and pushing the limits of the genre, with the likes of The Serpent Servant (2009), There Will Be Violence (2010), Baptized In Filth (2012), Death Will Reign (2013), and the back-to-basics bludgeoning of The Sin And Doom, Vol. II (2018) appealing to the faithful and faithless alike.

“Each track carries its own unique brutality; ‘Culture Of Death’ heaves between building anxiety and engorged breakdowns, whilst ‘Hellbent’ draws its harshness from the lightning deathcore verse riffs that sustain an impossible pace.” -- Distorted Sound

“Hellbent is too ferocious to permit the luxury of allowing your mind to wander. Can you see those needles aimed at your eyeballs? You’re one inch away from a gouging.” -- Scream Blast Repeat

“What IMPENDING DOOM do really well here is atmosphere, never afraid to whisper before the next blood curdling roar while keeping it strictly heavy…” -- Metal Noise

“…these individuals let their music speak, and the conversation is blistering, blasting and crushing.” -- Blessed Altar

Brook Reeves – vocals
Manny Contreras – guitar
David Sittig – bass