Filth Is Eternal UK tour

Filth Is Eternal will be supporting Finch on their highly anticipated UK tour, marking the 20th anniversary of the iconic album ‘What It Is To Burn.’ 

As the supporting act for all dates, Filth Is Eternal promises to deliver an unforgettable live experience that perfectly complements the nostalgia-inducing melodies of Finch.


Filth is Eternal’s Find Out is the triumphant reawakening of one of Seattle’s most vigorous and involved bands. The new testament whips forth with the force of a breakthrough and is a clear undertaking of their own genesis with a deep awareness of themselves, their crowd, and the shared history between them. The band’s ground rules: immediacy must be prioritized. The songs should have the power to whip up a pit in under thirty seconds. They must be vital and exciting – all of which cuts through on their newest single, “Crawl Space.


Nothing short of a punk anthem, fault lines on “Crawl Space” bubble with hot melodies and fist-clenching riffs. Front person Lis Di Angelo’s vocal delivery is singular and looks at life in the balance, where individual things are in a semblance of order but lacking synergy and permanence. “It's about that small window of time when everything feels like it's working- the band- relationships- work- mental health- the meds- everything- but something still feels off, like it's destined to fall apart no matter what choices you make,” they tell.


“Crawl Space” is the first look at what’s to come from Find Out and is available today via MNRK Heavy. It comes alongside a video directed by Marcy Stone, watch below.



Friction from opposing forces informs the lyrics on Find Out, the title of which could infer emergence from trauma or consequential learning. Regardless of its intended meaning, the title is used as a conduit for the band to push toward positive strides when addressing mental health, addiction, and relationships, with community as a salve– approaching from a nihilistic viewpoint to shine a light, trying to explore a new way. While those themes are visited, details are where the band stops short, ensuring that the listener is guided to these themes but leaving individual song messages for them to ascertain.


Lyrics aside, the true key to the new Filth is Eternal sound is the deep-rooted attention to songwriting. Exploding with fresh ideas, heavy on hooks, and clandestine melody, Find Out is a clear breakout release for FIE, not to mention a future staple for heavy music fans worldwide. Using the talents of producer Paul Fig (Slipknot, AFI, Alice In Chains) while recording at Dave Grohl’s Studio 606 and Dave’s Room, Find Out adds just enough spit polish in production to conjure the masses but still retains the dirt and grime necessary to remain congruous to the sound and fury within.


At the core of Filth is Eternal is the instrumental trio of Brian McClelland (guitar), Rahsaan Davis (bass), and Emily Salisbury (drums), who lean into bone-crushing death metal and crust riffage, precision-machined grind, and nitro-fueled punk to create the nihilistic and galloping armored vehicle that is FIE. When hard-pressed about specific bands and styles, the band avoids individual names in favor of movements, yet it’s clear that the darker, more complex side of hardcore is probably the most direct influence. Names ranging from Converge to Cursed may be the most prevalent while others such as Trap Them, Alice in Chains, Stockholm-style death metal, and even The Distillers come to mind for additional inspiration, melody, and tactical songwriting purposes.

Vocalist / lyricist Lis Di Angelo’s approach is rooted in grunge and extreme music; their visceral delivery sits comfortably on the fulcrum between raspy hardcore vocals and cogent melodicism, allowing a range of emotional depth and dynamics. In the worlds the band currently occupies, the dichotomy is refreshing and oddly original, adding a subtle melodic twist to the nihilistic footstomp.


On Find Out, each track is its own pipe bomb ready to ignite on the unsuspecting public, creating a sense of urgency and relating the band’s explosive message to an unabating soundtrack of punk-inflected ferocity. Embrace the oncoming tidal wave, changing of the guard, and new revolution from Filth is Eternal. Sound the reveille because one way or another, you’ll Find Out.


Find Out sees its release on September 29 and is their label debut since the announcement of their signing with MNRK Music Group. The album will be available across all digital retailers and released on vinyl and CD formats.