Escuela Grind

New England extreme metal powerhouse, Escuela Grind, will release its new LP, ' Dreams on Algorithms,on October 18 via MNRK Heavy (High on Fire, Zakk Wylde). Recorded at Salem, Massachusetts' GodCity studio with producer Kurt Ballou, and mastered by Nick Townsend (Dr. Dre, Betty Davis) the record is the highly anticipated follow-up to Escuela Grind's celebrated 2022 full-length debut, 'Memory Theater', a recording hailed as "an opus of extremity" by The New York Times.

In sync with the new album announcement, Escuela Grind today drops the new single + video "Turbulence," which showcases clean vocals over an earworm chorus -- a first for Escuela Grind  -- without pulling away from unhinged brutality. Stream the "Turbulence" video below, directed by Zack Perez for Astral Media.

"It will be immediately obvious when you first hear this song that it is a departure for us," offers vocalist Katerina Economou"We wanted to take a risk with "Turbulence", and after performing so many live shows over the last year we were ready to compile all that influence. The clean singing may take some people off-guard coming from a grind/hardcore band, but after touring with Napalm Death, we realized we wanted to incorporate that aspect into our music in a similar way. We definitely wanted a grungy, catchy chorus to sing at all of our upcoming festival appearances, and I hope the fans like the song as much as we do"

Unquestionably one of the hardest working bands in music today, Escuela Grind is currently in the midst of a two-month tour of Europe which includes a slew of high profile festival appearances. The remaining itinerary is as follows:

July 10 Karlsruhe, DE @ TBA 
July 11 Neukirchen-Vluyn, DE @ Dong Open Air 
July 12 Munchen, DE @ Kulturzentrum Backstage 
July 13 Velenje, SI @ Vratolom Open Air 
July 14 Bratislava, SI @ TBA 
July 23 Eindhoven, NL @ Dynamo 
July 30 Lindau, DE @ Club Vaudeville 
August 1 Leipzig, DE @ Soltmann 
August 2 Berlin, DE @ Resist To Exist Festival 
August 3 Granichen, CH @ Open Air Granichen 
August 4 Saint-Maurice-de-Gourdans, FR @ Sylak Open Air 
August 8 Jaromer, CZ @ Brutal Assault 
August 9 Dortmund, DE @ FZW 
August 10 Vinelz, CH @ Openair Am Bierlersee 
August 13 Copenhagen, DN @ Stengade 
August 14 Hannover, DE @ Bei Chez Heinz 
August 17 Moderna, IT @ Pignoletto Fest 
August 24 Malmo, SE @ Malmo Massacre


' Dreams on Algorithms ' is also advanced by the single, " Always Watching You."

“Most of "Always Watching You" was written in a practice space by Jesse and Krissy, and refined during soundchecks we had over the year," details Economou . "I've had this desire to write a song where I could portray the obsessive-stalker-girl archetype through lyrics for a while. Although not physically threatening, it's really interesting that society is so terrified of this stereotype. In "Always Watching You", I wanted this fantastical, Nightmare on Elm Street-style imagery that was rooted in the gore and horror of death metal. Themes of parasocial relationships, anxieties from social media, and an omnipresent algorithm are strongly observed in this song and throughout the entire album."