Escuela Grind

Get ready for a whirlwind of eardrum-shattering chaos as Escuela Grind, the formidable grindcore powerhouse, embarks on their highly anticipated European and UK headlining tour. With a relentless assault of blistering riffs, frenetic drumming, and guttural vocals, Escuela Grind is set to captivate audiences across the continent with their ferocious live performances. This blog post will delve into the exciting details of the tour, including dates, venues, and what fans can expect from this exhilarating grindcore experience.

“To be able to return to Europe for a headliner tour, and to tour Europe twice in one year is an amazing achievement for us," says the band. "We had such a blast opening for Napalm Death in February, and we met many new fans, so we’re extra excited to return and play a more extensive and personal set.”

Escuela Grind European UK Tour

Escuela Grind's European & UK headlining tour promises an unrelenting sonic assault that will leave audiences craving more. Here are the dates and venues where fans can witness this grindcore extravaganza:

9/6 Nürnberg, DE Z – Bau (400 Gallerie)
9/7 Weinheim, DE Cafe Central
9/8 Belgium, DE TBA
9/9 London, GB 229 The Venue
9/10 Manchester, GB Rebellion Bar (Fall In The Brawl Fest)
9/11 Newcastle upon Tyne, GB The Head of Steam Newcastle
9/12 Birmingham, GB The Devil's Dog
9/14 Berlin, DE Stage at Kitkat
9/15 Kassel, DE Goldgrube
9/16 Heerlen, NL Poppodium Nieuwe Nor (Rise Or Die Fest)
9/17 Hamburg, DE Bambi galore
9/19 Stuttgart, DE JuHa West
9/20 Baden, CH Werkk Kulturlokal Baden
9/21 Martigny, CH Sunset Bar
9/22 Bologna, IT Freakout Club
9/30 Vallet, FR Muscadeath Festival

'Memory Theater', Escuela Grind's sophomore album, is seven minutes shorter than Slayer’s 'Reign in Blood', but with a few songs running past the three-minute mark, it’s downright epic by grindcore norms. 

Delivering on the promise of several split records, a handful of EPs (including 'GGRRIINNDDCCOORREE' and 'PPOOWWEERRVVIIOOLLEENNCCEE', both released in 2020), and the full-length, 'Indoctrination', the nine songs on 'Memory Theater' offer a near-psychedelic trip to the genre’s soul. 

The album title references a specific historical concept, constructing a “space” from one’s internal ideas, knowledge, and perception. An architect by trade, vocalist Katerina Economou explores philosophy, politics, and experiential experimentation, building a kind of structure amidst the band's musical cacophony.


Katerina Economou of Escuela Grind talks about her local music scene, her vocal approach, preperations for playing live, the new Escuela Grind album “Memory Theatre”  and more.


If you've never seen Escuela Grind live, watch footage of their performance at Cousin Danny's in Philadelphia, PA from the summer of 2022, courtesy of hate5six.


 "We again teamed up with director Michael Jari Davidson to create the video for "Forced Collective Introspection", says Escuela Grind vocalist Katerina Economou.

"The video references 1971's anti-authoritarian movie "THX 1138", where the band is held in a white void by masked guards, and reduced to objectified numbers. Harassed in prison cells, the band makes their escape in a Shawshank fashion. The theme of the video runs throughout all of our music: we must resist and attempt to escape their control to regain our humanity."

The video for 'Forced Collective Introspection' was released on September 8th, 2022. 

Escuela Grind released the music video for "All is Forgiven" back in August of 2022, which the group calls "a skull cracker". 

Directed by Michael Jari Davidson (Alice in Chains), the high-intensity clip blends reality with virtual reality.

"'Cliffhanger' is us branching out and including all of our influences into a heavy, danceable song. It’s a perfect representation of all the new things to expect from Escuela Grind," says vocalist Katerina Economou. "The lyrics are about the people that try to play both sides of the fence, play devil's advocate and drag you down with them. It’s about fighting crab mentality."

The video for "Cliffhanger" came out on July 7, 2022.