Enterprise Earth has released their latest offering "Casket of Rust" today, taken from their eagerly anticipated upcoming album 'Death: An Anthology' out on February 2, 2024.

When asked about the inspiration behind the track, vocalist Travis Worland commented:

“Lyrically, it touches on the death of yourself in a relationship. You’re killing off anything you had in order to appease another person and destroying pieces of yourself. You built this casket for so long that it has time to decay and rust before you bury yourself in it.”


Prior to today, Enterprise Earth unleashed "King of Ruination" with special guest Ben Duerr from Shadow of Intent and most recently, "The Reaper's Servant" featuring Darius Tehrani of Spite.

More than anything else, we share death in common. This universal eventuality unites us. In an evolutionary sense, it effectively ensures our equality. No matter who you are, you will die. Enterprise Earth explore death from a different perspective altogether. Rather than turn away from it, the U.S. quartet--Gabe Mangold [guitar, backing vocals, production], Brandon Zackey [drums], Travis Worland [vocals], and Dakota Johnson [bass]--face it head-on with their fifth full-length offering, DEATH: AN ANTHOLOGY. Against an apocalyptic soundtrack of battering ram double bass drums, gut-punching guitars, and disarmingly dynamic vocals, the group present their most immersive and inimitable vision yet.

"The album is tied together by the overarching concept of death," Travis states. "It's easy to think of death as a separation of consciousness from the body, but we're delving into the death of self, individuality, and relationships--whether romantic or platonic. Dying takes many forms. I grew up extremely religious, so death has always been on my mind. In any religion, the afterlife is the umbrella for all of your beliefs. I tend to think of death from a more philosophical standpoint these days."

The band have always incited mosh pits and thought in equal measure. Since emerging during 2014, Enterprise Earth have logged two back-to-back debuts in theTop 10 of the Billboard Heatseekers Albums Chart , while Loudwire cited Luciferous among the "50 Best Metal Albums of 2019." Hysteria Mag heralded 2022's The Chosen as "a veritable masterclass in experimentation and reinvention that shows a highly skilled band transcending its roots and making steps to become leaders of a field still being created," while Metal Injection summed it up as "a strong statement." Plus having toured with the likes of Thy Art Is Murder, Dying Fetus, Chelsea Grin, Fit For An Autopsy, Fallujah, Within Destruction, and more.

With Gabe once again in the producer's chair, the musicians holed up in a Lake Tahoe cabin for nine days where they penned the bulk of DEATH:AN ANTHOLOGY. It marked the first time this lineup wrote together (and in-person) as well as with Travis on vocal duties.

"We fed off one another's energy," recalls Gabe. "These songs felt cohesive because of that. We all had a hand in the composition."

In the end, death may be inevitable, but you can rely on Enterprise Earth for a release in the meantime.

"We wanted to make an album that feels like who we are as a collective," the band agreed. "On the one hand, we hope you have fun listening to it. On the other, just know, 'Death is real and it comes for us all'. One day, we won't be here anymore. While we're alive, we want to enjoy it."