Gloom - Solaris CD

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GLOOM began without career expectations and devoid of obligation toward any particular niche or subgenre. GLOOM trades in succinct, to-the-point, blackened death metal groove with a doomy swagger, created first and foremost as art for its own sake. That mentality has paid off in spades, as the band’s unrelenting authenticity and overpowering singular heaviness quickly made fans out of underground metal fans and media tastemakers.

Metal Injection proudly premiered the band’s “incredibly intense and focused” debut EP, insisting listeners absorb what the website heralded as the band’s “schizophrenic mass of riffs.” Loudwire included a GLOOM track in their list of the Best Metal Songs of 2014, right alongside metal genre titans like Mastodon and Eyehategod. The accolades have been similarly enthusiastic from the likes of Terrorizer, Metal Sucks, and Gun Shy Assassin.

Track Listing
1 - Fallen
2 - Perseus
3 - Orbits
4 - Cede
5 - Coronation
5 - Naught
7 - 1% Empty
8 - Appetence Hominae
9 - Sub Umbral
10 - *Them Bones (Alice in Chains Cover-