Avatar - "Feathers and Flesh" Orange and Yellow Vinyl LP - MNRK Heavy

Avatar - "Feathers and Flesh" Orange and Yellow Vinyl LP

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Deluxe Feathers and Flesh 180g 12" LP. Pressed on Orange and Yellow Vinyl. 

The album was recorded in Germany, Finland and Sweden in December 2015 with producer extraordinaire Sylvia Massy (System of a Down, Tool, Red Hot Chili Peppers) at the wheel. The music is as always rooted in the extreme, with plenty of melodic sensibility and a lust for experimentation. There is a love for intense double bass drumming, riffing and shredding of timeless dimensions alongside rough edges, slow grooves and epic storytelling for the ages. The idea is that as the band digs deeper, the fists will be held up higher. The end result is a modern metal album with all the ruthlessness and power one could ask for handled with a loving songwriter’s hand, inspired by The Beatles and Queen.