American Grim - Freakshow CD

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Track List

1 Concrete Jungle
2 Freakshow
3 Only One
4 Burn Hollywood
5 Drugs Like Candy
6 The Guns
7 Want Out
8 Fight Night
9 Dr Doc
10 Idols
11 Get Loud By
12 Bodies All Around

America: ‘Land of the free phones, Home of the enslaved.’ Free thinking visionaries are vanishing one by one, replaced with cookie-cutter carbon copies of one another. Wandering through a battlefield full of ulterior motives, contradicting safe zones filled with fragile pacifists brainwashed for a black and white word. The kids have been raised on pacifier pills for problems that don’t exist, stuck in a cycle of ignorant bliss. Our culture sweeps issues under the rug along with the kids who have them. The sadistic ritual of loaning money that doesn’t exist to under-qualified kids that can’t pay it back, to train them for jobs that no longer exist. We are the kids swept under the rug. We are the change. We are pissed. Welcome to the Freakshow.