The Blue Stones | Hidden Gems Vinyl – MNRK Heavy
The Blue Stones - Hidden Gems Vinyl

The Blue Stones - Hidden Gems Vinyl

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The Blue Stones - Hidden Gems Vinyl

Includes their new full length album, Hidden Gems, on vinyl.

Hidden Gems Vinyl Variant: Cotton Candy 

The band has released multiple songs as singles leading into their highly anticipated sophomore album release, Hidden Gems, iSpring 2021. The first of those is ‘Shakin’ Off The Rust’ – a song, as Jafar explains, that very much serves as a mission statement for their renewed sense of confidence and newfound identity.

Although The Blue Stones were always more than a blues-rock duo, that’s especially true now on Hidden Gems.

1) Lights On
2) Shakin' Off The Rust
3) One By One
4) Careless
5) Grim 
6) Let It Ride 
7) LA Afterlife 
8) Spirit 
9) Make This Easy 
10) Oceans